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We are the United Methodist Church


Henderson United Methodist Church is an historic church working with God in the here and now to make the future better for the world, starting with each person we meet each day.

A devoted group of Christians began our church as they met together in a “brush arbor” in 1830. Although we have left the brush arbor behind, we carry forward the faith our ancestors had in the power of the Holy Spirit to draw us all ever closer to God and to each other.

We seek to walk together with each other and with you on the path that leads us closer to that goal.


Our beliefs are grounded in the core belief of all Christians. We believe:

That the God who created the heavens and the earth is a trinity of love – father, son, and holy Spirit. That because of God's great love for the world, God the father has sent the son, Jesus, to demonstrate that love and to restore all creation to its right relationships of love, peace and justice. That the love and forgiveness of Christ bring wholeness to the lives of each and all persons open to receiving those gifts of grace. That the Holy Spirit empowers us, to share in Christ's ministry of spreading spiritual wholeness and hope throughout the world.


For a detailed statement of United Methodist beliefs go to: click on "our faith"


To share the good news of Jesus Christ with all people,  through worship, mission, teaching and building relationships in the community and  throughout the world.


Pastor Han was born and raised in capital Seoul in South Korea. His childhood pastimes included playing soccer and acoustic guitar. He graduated from Asia United Theological University (South Korea) with a B.A, in Christian Mission, Methodist Theological University (South Korea) with Master of Divinity degree and Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, D.C.) with his second Master of Divinity degree.


In Korea, he gained experience as director of Christian Education in a local Church. Also, he worked at Korean Bible Society in 2015. During his Wesley seminary years in Washington, D.C., Han served as pastoral intern in some responsibilities of Christian education for Walker Chapel UMC in Arlington, Northern Virginia. He has been serving Henderson UMC since July, 2018 as the pastor. 


He believes that the most important function of church is to make disciples who keep Jesus' commands. Jesus' life and teachings are the standard that we, Christians, should try to follow. It is life journey of spirituality and life-changing to love God and one another.


Han and his wife Jisun, ordained pastor in Korean Methodist Church, have been married since 2016.


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